How to adopt an agile way of working ?

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You may not know it, but the purpose of agile leadership is to create an environment conducive to self-management and the performance of the teams that make up a company. During this cycle of transformation, the entrepreneur or promoter must effectively fulfill his role of leader in order for this change to be successful. Find out in this article how to adopt an agile way of working within your team.

Define the objective and obtain the commitment of your employees

This is the first step, and it is giving your team members a clear idea of ​​why you are going into the agile mode. This is an essential step, otherwise, the agile working method is automatically doomed from the start. Explain to your team what agile work is and how important it is to your team. Then seek their support. This is very important because their commitment must be voluntary for the process to work. Indeed, the agile way of working is a system that is entirely based on volunteering. If any member feels compelled to go into the agile mode, then they will prevent the team from achieving their goals. In addition, the only way to obtain their consent is to emphasize the advantages of agility without being pushy.

Build a sense of psychological security

For an agile transformation to be successful, you have to go through culture. It is therefore important to provide your team with the necessary means to establish an agile team culture. Create a feeling of psychological security where your employees can feel comfortable communicating freely, proposing ideas, and even admitting their weaknesses. In summary, a team culture based on psychological safety is one of the hallmarks of high-performing agile teams. As a leader, the best way to contribute is to create this environment by encouraging each member to communicate freely and contribute to common problem-solving.

Get your team to focus on customer needs

Welcoming and taking care of customer needs is one of the fundamental pillars of an agile way of working. However, you must encourage your teams to focus on the external or internal customer and take care of their needs effectively. In other words, your team must be able to analyze, understand and anticipate real problems and customer needs. When it comes to ranking and addressing customer needs, agile teams rely heavily on customer-centric methods. This is the mapping of the customer journey, user testimonials or the method of the tasks to be accomplished.

Define all your agile procedures

In order to make a team more flexible and more responsive, agile working methods require a certain discipline in terms of procedures. As a manager, you are called upon to contribute to the implementation of these procedures. Get your team to scrupulously prioritize tasks. To get there, you need to set a goal and have a solid monitoring process in place, but also check performance and results.