How can i borrow money without a bank account ?

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People usually think they have run out of options when seeking where to borrow money without a bank account. This is because most loan providers usually request bank accounts and other means of identification to show one can pay back a loan. Those who don’t have a bank account, but require money, need not worry; there are some good suggestions we will disclose where you can borrow money without a bank account.

Can one borrow money without a Bank Account?

Traditional financial institutions will mandate you have a bank account before you can qualify to be borrowed money. However, all hope is not lost because you could access some money without having an account, however, it will be more expensive. People who borrow others’ money want to reduce risk as much as possible, that is why they request bank accounts, salary slips and certain background checks.

Moreover, since you don’t have a bank account, banking institutions are ruled out, an individual has to consider some alternatives. These alternatives take these risks, however, they would ask for a higher interest rate on the loan. Therefore, hope is not lost for individuals, who want to borrow money without a bank account, but they should be ready to pay more in commissions.

Available loans to borrow without bank accounts

Here are some options for getting money without a bank account:

Payday loans

This category of money borrowed is designed to stay in a gap till paydays arrive. You would have to pay back the money at the end of the month, or weekly depending on when you get your salary. Payday loans can have an interest rate between 180% and 680%. The good news about this money is that it doesn’t require detailed background checks or bank accounts.

Title loans

This money can be accessed by vehicle owners who have the title of the car. You would have to exchange money for the title of the vehicle, and when you repay the cash, you get back your document. However, if you fail to pay back when agreed, your vehicle will be taken and sold to cover your debt.

Pawnshop loans

This can be accessed in pawn stores and is a safe loan method. You will have to bring a valuable item as collateral when the cash is given, when you pay the money back you get your valuables back. Otherwise, the valuables will be sold to cover your debt.

Where you can borrow money online without a bank account

There are numerous lenders online who can lend you cash fast without a bank account, they include:

Lending Point

This online financial firm provides money to individuals without a bank account. You could get your cash within some days if everything checks through.

Best Egg

They provide high-risk loans to customers who can show the ability to pay and with good interest. All businesses are conducted online, so underwriting rates are cheaper and processing fees cheaper.

Freedom Plus

This lender provides good APRs and loans for customers with good referees and a reputation. The money borrowed can be spread between one and four years. Their interests are a little on the high side, but you will get your money fast.

Getting money without having a bank account is complicated but not impossible. All have individual has to do is have valuables, title deeds, and regular jobs.