What is the best protein powder for bodybuilding ?

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To strengthen the muscular system, it is advisable to take protein. They are essential for development. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended that athletes of all categories consume it. Naturally, you will find it in red meat, eggs, fish, and other products. In addition, it is possible to take protein in powder form. Discover the proteins most consumed by bodybuilding practitioners.

The basic: whey with its very low sugar and fat content

It is by far the most consumed protein of any commercially available protein. It is available in several forms. These are whey concentrate, whey hydrolyzate, and whey isolate. These last two variations of whey increase your appetite. So, during your strength training program, you eat at a good frequency and with a lot of desire. This easily allows for mass gain.

Whey protein is developed with whey extracts. It is a type of milk that does not contain fat. This property allows easier and faster assimilation. The other characteristic is that whey no longer contains lactose. This is beneficial for achieving results, as high sugar levels can slow down muscle building and therefore the elimination of bad fats.

In addition, opt for the most filtered protein, because it will always contain less sugar and fat and will be more concentrated in protein than the others. This is the case with hydrolyzate. This does not mean that whey concentrate and isolate contain sugar and fat. Overall, they are calorie-free. If you are lactose intolerant, choose whey isolate.

Casein for slow good digestion

Powdered casein contains some lactose, but is still one of the best proteins. It contains many amino acids or almost all of them. You can consume it between meals to benefit from the satiety effect it provides. After consumption, the amino acids contained in casein are released into the body. This decomposition lasts several hours. For this reason, it is stipulated that casein should be taken at bedtime.

Powdered egg white protein does not contain fat

If not consuming whole eggs, it is recommended to take powdered egg white protein to avoid absorption of fat. They are rich in amino acids. If you are struggling with digestion, you should know that you can include egg white protein in your meals without the risk of irritation to the intestinal wall.

Vegetable proteins often combined with cereals

Protein is a dietary supplement that accelerates muscle building and mass gain. You will find on the market, protein from coconut, hemp, and artichoke. They are mixed with legumes and cereal extracts. Whey has significant properties, but casein, egg white, and vegetable proteins are reliable.