How to book a driver in the private game reserves in South Africa ?

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South African zoos are internationally renowned. They even organize safaris with an exotic taste, very popular with tourists. The only difficulty is having drivers available in time to accompany you. The solution is to book a vehicle and a driver in advance to drive you. How can it be?

Book taxis in South African game reserves

You have two options to experience a good safari in South Africa. The first is to use the services of the park where you are going to organize your adventure. The South African reserves always offer a competent team of guide-driver to accompany you. In addition to driving you, they know the nooks and crannies where the most emblematic animals of private parks hide.

Whether for the reserves:

  • Madikwe
  • Pilanesberg
  • Kurger National Park
  • Mlilwane
  • Hluhluwe
  • Mkuzi

The dynamism and professionalism of the guides and the quality of the vehicles used for the hikes are often appreciated by visitors. But this comes at a cost because it is the reserve rest camps that cover all the expenses related to your discovery of nature.

The reservation for the hire of the taxi and the driver-guide will cost you at least 5,000 euros if you are staying for 8 nights. It should be noted that accommodation is included in this budget. The best option for reducing expenses is group travel, which allows you to pay half the personal price.

By opting for group travel you will pay 2500 euros instead of 5000. This is the advantage of the group. To be sure to find a place, you need to book weeks in advance. Because the number of vehicles adapted to the safari is limited, and the demand is too high.

The second possibility to book

This solution is risky but profitable. It allows you to considerably reduce the expenses related to the reservation of taxis and the reservation service. In this case, use the services of the rental companies of a company specializing in the rental of conventional cars for safaris. It is :

  • 4×4 all terrain
  • The pickups
  • And the Jeeps.

Renting costs you around 70 euros per day. But you will not have a driver guide included in this rate. It’s good to be behind the wheel for your getaway. But the risk is to get lost easily without any mark to guide you. The parks are very big, and it’s very easy to lose the mark.

The other thing to consider in the case of external rental at the rest camp is your accommodation, food, and fuel for the rented car. If you organize yourself well, you will have a reduction high enough that you will definitely go for this option. It’s good to reduce these expenses. The money is nothing compared to the services of a guide-driver who will show you the beauty of South African flora and fauna in every detail.

It is better to reserve your vehicle in the reserve rest camps than to call on external services. This first choice only has advantages for you. Remember, you must make your reservation weeks in advance to be sure you have a vehicle and a guide available.