How deal with high flange when repairing a leaking toilet bowl ?

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The toilet flange is the element that ensures the perfect junction between the drainage channel and the base of the toilet bowl. Over time, the flange may split or crack and cause water leakage. You will notice this because of an abnormally low water level in the bowl. What to do if you suspect your toilet flange of being the source of the leak?

Start by disassembling your toilet

The positioning of the flange prevents you from accessing it without disassembling the toilet. To see the condition of the bridle, you are then forced to use force. The first thing to do is to place a large enough support (a cloth or a newspaper) near the toilet where to put the bowl as soon as you have removed it. Then shut off the water supply to the tank by closing the tap. Flush to empty any water from the tank. Sponge after the water in the siphon using a mop, an old sponge, or a suction pipette.

Using an adjustable wrench, undo the nut to remove the water supply hose. It is important that the whole circuit does not contain a drop of water, otherwise you will get dirty water on the body by moving the bowl. A very unpleasant situation. Also, undo the base fixings of the bowl. There are usually two. Finally, lift the entire toilet and place it on the nearby support, then seal the drain line with a towel to stop the escape of bad odors.

Examine the condition of the flange to know what to do

You did the hard part. Now scrape off the wax above the flange. The wax is very thick but easy to remove with a spatula. Undo the screws that hold the flange to the ground using a screwdriver. Secure the screws and remove the clamp. Examine the bridle carefully. If it does not appear cracked or cracked, replace it and change only the sealing ring. If the flange is found to be in poor condition, purchase a new one.

To do this, take the measurement of the inside diameter of the drain pipe. This will help you easily find the right flange for your pipe. You can also go to a point of sale with the old bridle. It would be ideal to avoid dimensional error when measuring. When purchasing the bridle, don’t forget the wax ring. Stores often sell the set to satisfy you.

If the leak is due to the height of the flange, you have two options. Raise the floor or lower the clamp. For the first option, call on the professionals. For the second option, cut the top of the flange with a wire saw. Using a small hacksaw, cut the segments in the fitting and remove two parts of the ring. Then cut the pipe to be flush with the ground. To be sure the line pipe is flush with the ground, use a rubbing brick and a mini hacksaw. When you have reached the desired level, make four holes in the ground to insert dowels. Secure the flange to the floor with screws and reinstall your toilet.