How much does insurance on a motorcycle cost ?

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Are you about to buy your first motorcycle, but you don’t know all about insurance? Know that there is a multitude of insurance available and that their cost will depend on several criteria. Discover through this article all the information concerning motorcycle insurance.

How is the price of motorcycle insurance calculated?

First, you should know that the criteria vary depending on the insurer. The prices of good motorcycle insurance will therefore vary depending on the insurer you turn to. However, there are criteria common to all insurance companies. So, the amount you will have to pay to insure your motorcycle will depend on:

  • the type of license you have and your profile
  • of your different lifestyle and driving habits
  • the type of motorcycle you want to insure, but above all its value
  • the number of cylinders in your motorcycle.

To these criteria will be added the cost of additional and optional guarantees, low deductibles, etc. This will determine the price of your motorcycle insurance. In addition, if you benefit from a motorcycle penalty or a motorcycle bonus, this will also have an impact on the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

Finally, depending on the city or department where you will be located, the price of your auto insurance will vary. Indeed, your insurance will cost you more in cities like Marseille or Paris, unlike Tarbes where your insurance will not necessarily be high.

What are the different motorcycle insurance formulas?

There are many insurance contracts for your motorcycle and there are also many formulas that can be made available to you. You will find three types of insurance formulas on the market:

  • The formula say “to the third party”

This formula is considered to be the legal minimum to have to drive a motorcycle in France. It covers all bodily injury and even material damage caused to others

  • The so-called “intermediate” formula

This formula includes many additional guarantees that cover fires, theft, etc. The choice will be yours.

  • The so-called “all risks” formula

It covers absolutely all damage that could damage your motorcycle.

However, each of these formulas will differ depending on the Company to which you turn. Indeed, insurers are free to determine what their formulas will contain. Thus you will be able to find in some in itself, assistance and legal protection.

What is the cost of motorcycle insurance?

The cost of your motorcycle insurance will vary depending on several criteria and your profile. So, if for example, you are an elderly driver who has never had an accident, your insurance will cost on average 250 euros. If, on the other hand, you are a young driver without any incident under your belt for 5 years, your insurance will be around 350 euros. This only applies to classic motorcycles. If you have a sports bike, the cost of your insurance can be multiplied by 2 or 3.

To find the insurance that suits you, do not hesitate to turn to insurance comparators who can offer you the insurance available and which suit your needs as well as your budget.