How to become a jewelry welder ?

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Do you want to become a jewelry welder, but you don’t know how to go about it? This job may seem easy, however, it must be approached with great delicacy. Here’s how to join the circle of jewelry welders.

Learn how to solder jewelry

To get started with jewelry welding with confidence, you need some technical knowledge. These techniques can be learned in training centers. It is enough to pass a CAP in foundry trades. Thus, you will know how to mix the components according to the indicated doses.

With the CAP achievement in industrial boiler making, you will know how to draw and read plans. Computer drawing, bending, and welding will hold no secrets for you. Finally, the CAP tooling in metal molds or CAP locksmith metalwork also allows you to learn the basics of jewelry welding. With one of these training, you will have the necessary knowledge to solder jewelry.

Become self-taught in jewelry welding

If you haven’t had the chance to take professional jewelry training, all is not lost. There are many people like you who have never taken theory lessons. Yet some have managed to join the circle of brilliant jewelry welders. You can contact a jeweler in your life to give you the basics of jewelry. Usually, the latter, who train aspiring workers on the job, have a workshop. They demand to be paid for the things you want to learn with them.

Once you’re there, give it your all. Pay particular attention to the aspects of jewelry soldering that interest you the most. After a few sessions, as soon as you have acquired the knowledge you need, it is up to you to improve yourself over time. Additionally, you can choose to jump right in by following some tutorials and training guides available online. This is the case for example with platforms like jewelry and ankle jewelry which provide enough information about jewelry in general.

Get the tools you need to solder jewelry

Whatever path you choose to enter this profession, you need to have a few tools to be successful. The very first item to acquire is a solder surface. It can be a block or a plate. It helps to fuse two or more parts by adding a metal called solder. Next, the future welder must equip himself with a torch, which is very useful for melting metals. There are various forms on the market. Some need to be recharged with gas to function. Other torches are directly fitted with a gas cylinder that feeds them.

The fondant also called borax is also essential to embrace the career of jewelry welder. It is a substance that allows the solder to flow very smoothly by blocking the oxidation of the metal. The gunpoint or precision pliers will also come in handy. You also need fire tweezers, solder spades, solder, and the rag. The latter is a mixture of water that is used to polish jewelry to remove streaks.