Where do you install the outer gauge for swimming pool filter ?

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The filtration equipment of a swimming pool is essential to use it. These elements include the filter, the pump, the water treatment devices, and the heating system. Find here the disposal techniques of this equipment.

The technical room of the swimming pool

The filtration system is housed in the technical room of the swimming pool. Other essential elements for the operation of a swimming pool are also found in the technical room. The latter makes it easy to carry out maintenance and repairs.

It protects the main filtration equipment in your pond. These bulky items should be protected from heat and cold for better protection.

A technical room can be designed with different materials, but the most used are the following:

  • The swimming pool technical box
  • The concrete technical room
  • The wooden technical room
  • The technical room in the shape of a rock

The construction of the technical room is carried out in parallel with the installation of the swimming pool. A question still remains, that of knowing where to put it.

The technical room: a space near the swimming pool

In addition to being the place housing filtration and water treatment equipment, the technical room also stores all maintenance accessories. This is why it is advisable to install it within 10 meters of your pool. This proximity to the technical room allows filtration equipment to operate more efficiently. It must be installed in a ventilated, dry and watertight space. The question that remains is where exactly to put it.

Install the technical room in an existing room

It is the most popular solution because it is more economical than the other possibilities. In this case, you put the technical room in your garage, or in an outbuilding, or in a garden shed. In other words, you put the room in a specific place in your house that is dry and close to your pond.

Build the technical room near the swimming pool

Another solution is to build the technical room in a place near your swimming pool. For more discretion, it can be built as an extension of your pool or buried under the beach. With this solution, it is necessary to provide a ventilation system.

In addition, the location must be large and high enough to be able to easily access and manipulate the various equipment.

Place the technical room near the pool

Installation near the pool is the solution considered if you do not have space to build a technical room or a room near the pool to put it. Installation is quick and easy. This solution is more suitable for small pools.

Filtration of water with laying is not as efficient as conventional filtration. There is also a type of technical room that can be buried. They are a molded, prefabricated shell, but they also have a waterproof cover.

This solution is economical and very aesthetic. It is also recommended if there is little space available near the pool. This is an ideal option for making significant savings.