How to tell what seo agency is working on a site ?

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A digital marketing agency is easily recognized thanks to the SEO techniques it adopts. That said, any communication structure must follow recognized SEO standards in this field. So what is this process by which it is possible to differentiate an SEO professional from another who is not? Here is an overview of the SEO strategies that any communication company should master and other essential aspects.

Publication of quality and optimized content

A SEO agency’s site should have well-developed SEO content. Indeed, SEO refers to the natural referencing method focused on using the lexical field of site activity. These are the keywords. It should be remembered that during an investigation on the Google search engine, the Internet user does not formulate a ready-made sentence. He just enters the essential phrases related to the information he is looking for. So, to have a chance of being seen by them, your content must imperatively contain these terms of reference.

Display of the site in Google results

In order for your site to appear in the first Google results after a search well referenced by the Internet user, the SEO agency must invest in the acquisition strategy in SEA. It is an SEO mode based on online advertising. Indeed, the Google search engine sells advertising space at auction. These advertising spaces are bought by brands and commercial companies to promote their products.

So, when you subscribe to this type of Google Ads offer, and you achieve better SEO optimization, your site will appear in the first Google suggestions.

Social media links

Usually, on business websites, you will see icons for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. This is the implementation of SEA. This is the SEO technique that integrates the use of social networks. By clicking on these logos, you will be redirected to the social pages of these entities. If these respect the rules of SEO referencing, you will notice on these platforms visuals accompanied by SEO optimized content.

Ergonomic and attractive site interface

Before even thinking about analyzing published content, you should take a look at the site from top to bottom. Its presentation, design, handling, etc. Most web agencies have a web development department that redesigns or improves interfaces for client companies. It should therefore be remembered that an agency worthy of the name must develop its brand image by producing good quality things and at the same time helping the social and financial blossoming of business structures that appeal to them.

We recognize an SEO agency by the content it publishes. To its communication and sales strategies. These involve the use of social networks, Google Ads advertising space and the introduction of keywords. By combining these three processes, you adopt a triple referencing namely SEO-SEA-SEM. In addition, a website managed by a web marketing agency must be sufficiently ergonomic and welcoming. Internet users must be able to identify with them in order to create interactions.