How soon can i reenter the USA on tourist visa ?

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Millions of people visit the United States every year. This country is full of natural landscapes and cultural heritage that arouse the interest of travelers. There is so much to see and even do on this surface of 10 million m² that you need to have enough time in front of you. Focus on the length of stay with the tourist visa.

The USA tourist visa

There are different reasons why a person can stay in the United States. The type of visa you get depends on the nature of your stay. The tourist one is the official document for traveling to the USA for tourism purposes. To obtain this type of visa, the traveler must be eligible for one of the following activities:

  • take part in charitable events,
  • receive medical care,
  • family or friends visit,
  • spend vacations and
  • participate in learning classes for fun.

The latter, also known as the B2 visa, gives the traveler the right to visit tourist sites, but also the right to socialize with Americans.

Validity of the tourist visa

The US tourist visa has a duration of 6 months with a validity of up to 10 years. Therefore, the visa holder can stay for six consecutive months in the United States. It is during this period that you have to visit all the historical monuments to soak up the history of the country. During his stay, the tourist can travel to other countries but will have to leave American soil when the visa expires.

In addition, it is recommended to prepare a program of visits so as not to miss anything during the stay. Why not have a travel guide to discover the must-see places in Uncle Sam’s country? Do not hesitate to taste the American preparations. It is a travel cuisine with influences from all the cultures cohabiting in the country. If six months seems enough to visit the country, you can quickly run out of time to see everything.

How to stay longer in the USA?

On the American territory, it happens that the traveler wants to extend his stay. Indeed, there is so much to see from New York to Atlanta or from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. In this case, it is possible to extend your stay for another six months. For this, it is recommended to apply for an extension three months after arriving in the territory. The latter can also be done in the 42 days preceding the expiration of the I-94 card. The procedure must be initiated early in order for the request to be accepted.

Therefore, a file must be made up of a duly completed form, a valid passport, a description of the reason for the extension of the stay. In addition, you must provide financial evidence to prove that you have enough funds to finance the rest of the stay. The applicant must also pay the visa extension fee.

Ultimately, the normal length of stay in the United States for a tourist visa is six months. However, it is possible to stay for a year by applying for a visa extension.