How many verses are in the quran ?

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The Koran is the holy book of Muslims. It is a vitally important book that contains all the teachings to guide their lives and direct their actions. With information and communication technologies, the paper book is now available in the digital version. Many people recite it every day. Have you ever wondered how many verses the Quran contains?

What is the number of verses in the Quran?

The Quran is a compilation of verses revealed by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Salvation of God be upon Him). It contains 6,236 verses. These 6,236 verses have been divided into 14 suras. Suras are considered to be chapters of the book containing specific wisdom and common teachings. Each sura is made up of a set of verses. The verses are also generally called “ayat”.

The number of verses varies from one sura to another. This is why you will find suras of different lengths in the Qur’an. The shortest sura contains three verses. Suras numbers 103, 108, and 110 consist of three verses. While the longest sura has 286 verses. This is sura number 2 of the Quran. Some verses were revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Mecca and others in Medina.

The most important verse of the Quran

All the verses of the Quran are sacred and are of inestimable value. However, verse 255 of sura number 2 of the Quran was referred to by the prophet Muhammad (peace and salvation of God be upon him) as the greatest of the verses. This verse is known as “Ayat Al – Kursî”. This is the verse from the Throne which describes all the Glory and Power of Allah. The companions of the Muhammad (Peace and Salvation of God be upon Him) and all Muslim scholars agree on the great value of this verse. It clearly shows the full extent of the Majesty of Allah. Reciting this verse is highly recommended, as it has protective power and makes it easier for believers to enter Heaven. Several prophetic accounts mention this verse and its importance for Muslims.

Understand the meaning of the verses

To understand the meaning of the verses of the Quran, it is essential to know the science of exegesis called in Arabic Il mat-tafsir. Tafsir is the science that allows us to interpret and comment on the Quran. This helps bring out the wisdom hidden in this holy book for the benefit of Muslims. The revelation of each verse took place in a specific context and in relation to historical events. It is necessary to know them in order to understand the meaning of the verses of the Koran.

To do this, it is also necessary to have a good knowledge of the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Salvation of God be upon him). This refers to referring to hadiths. They contain clear answers that the Prophet gave to his companions on their questions relating to the verses of the Quran. The prophet is therefore the first to provide clarifications for a good understanding of the Quran in order to ensure its consistent application.