What is Facebook chatbot ?

The chatbot Facebook was launched in 2016 from the American firm’s Messenger messaging system. Its objective is to help businesses chat with their customers. This robot interacts with the audience from a Facebook page. It possesses enough features that are recommended to all structures, as they help to improve customers’ relations. Here is what to know about the chatbot Facebook.

The need for a Chatbot

A chatbot makes business communication easier. Its use helps to improve discussions between customers and brands without any interruptions. The chatbot Facebook is able to answer questions like a human being. It responds to customer requests about:

  • company services
  • the available products
  • customer technical support

The particularity of a chatbot Facebook is that it can, depending on its configuration, collect information whose processing can help improve the marketing plan of companies. Active at all hours of the day, it compensates for the slow response to customer questions in the event of the unavailability of the customer agent responsible for providing customer support. It helps structure resources available to attend to specific occupations while offering a unique customer experience to prospective customers and visitors to the company’s online pages.

Setting up the Facebook chatbot does not require specific technical knowledge. Facebook has thought of the public. To be very professional, you may need some coding skills. Otherwise, there are tools available to allow you to easily configure your chatbot.

The tools to create a chatbot

You have several possibilities to create a bot. The first step is to register on the chatbot’s creation platform. You have the choice between:

  • Chatfuel
  • ManyChat
  • Botsify
  • Imperson
  • Motion.ai

On these platforms, you can either choose the free or premium (paid) status. The premium or paid profile gives a lot of freedom, and the free version is very limited. While it may allow you to engage with your customers, you are entitled to a specific number of followers, messages, and audience interactions.

With regard to paid offers, you have the advantage of freely defining your settings:

  • Unlimited number of configurations
  • Infinity subscription
  • Messages at the discretion of the public
  • Improved artificial intelligence, and so on.

For a big company, the premium service or offer is more recommended.

The creation of a chatbot compatible with your needs

Creating a chatbot on Facebook without coding is almost the same on all platforms. For example, if you use the Chatfuel platform, you need to connect your Facebook account to the platform and then click “Get Started for free”. You will then indicate the page on which the chatbot will be installed.

You must also provide some information by checking required boxes on the website. The more you do, the more efficient your Chatfuel robot will be. You can also automate the responses by considering and providing answers for frequent and possible questions that customers can have.

First, start by writing a greeting message. This is the first thing a user sees when he comes into your inbox. You must be creative, resourceful, and able to get into the minds of your customers to give them what they want. Coding knowledge is not necessary to set up the chatbot, but you must be a good marketer.