What does a whole house alarm cost ?

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A secure home gives you a certain feeling of self-confidence and well-being. To do this today, you no longer need to hire a permanent security guard as it used to be. The best and most needed solution is the installation of an alarm system. You want to have one installed in your home, and you are wondering how much it will cost you! Find out about the total cost of a house alarm here.

First, choose the type of house alarm to estimate its cost

Home alarm systems are available in several models. Basic models and models with advanced technologies. The price of an alarm system thus varies according to the model (slightly), but also according to the type of alarm system and its components. The six (6) main types of house alarms currently in existence are:

  • wired house alarm
  • wireless house alarm
  • house alarm with IP camera
  • house alarm on home automation system
  • GSM house alarm
  • house alarm with video surveillance.

Apart from these main types, it is possible to choose a model that is not permanent. This is a home alarm with remote monitoring. In this case, a monthly subscription is required.

Cost of a house alarm depending on its type

Due to the different types of home alarms, the prices differ. But in the same category again, prices vary depending on the model and the level of security offered. The average total price (including installation price) of a house alarm by type is known. For a wired house alarm, you need € 600 to € 3,500. The price of a wireless house alarm ranges from € 600 to € 3,500. A house alarm with an IP camera will cost you between € 100 and € 1,000.

With a home alarm on a home automation system, your expense will vary from € 700 to € 4,000. The price of a GSM house alarm is between € 500 and € 3,500. That of a house alarm with video surveillance is between € 700 and € 4,000. For a home alarm with remote monitoring, you will need 50 € to 150 €, but in addition a monthly subscription.

Cost of a house alarm according to its components

To secure your home, you have the option of choosing the components of your alarm system. However, doing so can increase the price of your equipment. Knowing their prices will then be useful for you to prepare your budget. As more common, you have: the home alarm center whose price varies from € 100 to € 500 the opening detector with a price ranging between € 15 and € 150 and the siren which costs between € 45 and € 300.

There is also the motion detector which costs between € 25 and € 250, the shock sensor which costs between € 20 and € 200 and the fire detector which costs between € 15 and € 150. Items such as the camera and the home automation system have a price varying respectively from € 100 to € 300 and from € 130 to € 550.

You can learn about the functionality of these different elements to make a better choice.