Why play on the Milky Way online casino ?

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If you are a slot casino games player, the Milky Way online casino slots game could make you smile with joy. You play slot games in an online casino for relaxation and money. Milky Way slot game takes you on space travel by its 5×3 reel with 243 pay lines and a bonus that expands the opportunity to 3,125 pay lines.

This game offers exciting return to player and a sizable prize that multiplies your bet to 5,664 times. Would like to learn more about the Milky Way online casino? Let’s get started on this guide.

Milky Way online casino: Playing online at the casino

First, you can play Milky Way online casino slot games in numerous reputable online casinos. This game interface offers a star-filled sky theme with shiny colored emblems for contrast. A soundtrack plays to increase the fun as you play the game. You should understand its features and benefits before you begin to play this game.

Features of the Milky Way online casino slot

The Developers released the Milky Way slot in June 2020. Its notable features include:

  • 243 initial paylines
  • 5 Reels and 3125 bonus Paylines
  • Initial Bet amount $0:20
  • Maximum bet amount $100
  • Return to player 96.14%
  • Wild Emblems: These emblems can multiply themselves and show up only on the middle reels, with a chance multiplier of 1x to 3x.
  • Scatter Emblems: If you get 2 emblems, it pays the amount you staked. If you get 3, it opens the Milky Way bonus.
  • Bonuses include the Bonus Buy, Multipliers, Milky Ways Spins, and Fusion Spin.

The Jackpot is the highest you can win. It is 5,664 x the amount you stake.

How the emblems combine for you to win the Milky Way online casino

The emblems create excitement, and the reel spinners collate similar symbols into a pay line. To win, you must match 3 emblems. The amount you win depends on the size of your wager.

The lowest paying emblems features a Jack, Queen, and Ace. The highest payout here is 0:50 times the amount you wager. Supposing a five-of-a-kind show on a pay line, the king and queen pay you 0.60 times what you wager.

The colored gems are the best emblems on a current pay line.

  • Blue gems payouts are 0.75 times your stake.
  • Green gems payouts are 1 time and 1.5 times your stake.
  • The red gem that is like a diamond’s payout is 2.50 times your stake on a five-of-a-kind pay line.
  • Wild emblem offers you chance multipliers of 3 times your bet and multiplies themselves 27 times.

You should know that the scattered emblems only show on the center reel. 2 scattered emblems pay you the amount you wager. 3 scattered emblems open the Way to play a free spin.

Milky Way online casino slot bonus

This game could give you 5,664 times the amount you wager. If you land on the 3 Milky Ways emblem, you earn 3 Milky Ways free spins. The bonus setup increases the playing grid by 5×5 and multiplies the pay lines to 3,125.

If an emblem land on a reel, you will get another free spin. If 2 wild emblems land on the middle reels, it increases your chance of winning. Solar wilds provide multipliers of 1, 2, 3, times the amount you wager and could multiply themselves 27 times.